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Private Events

Calderón Dining brings their expertise to help host your celebratory fine dining events. Small intimate weddings, rehearsal dinners, bachelorette parties, holiday events. Whether you desire a multi-course experience, want a family style dinner, or simply appreciate a fresh, adventurous meal, Calderón Dining will work with you to create an exceptional and memorable private dining experience. 

In Home

Family Style consists of platters of food that are brought to the table and shared by everyone. This style is more casual than the Multi-Course.


Multi-Course is a longer and more elaborate dining experience. The dinner is served in courses, and all the plate ware, silverware, and stemware is provided by us. The price starts at $155 per person for Multi-Course. Pricing is based on party size.

Cooking Demonstration

In this private atmosphere is the opportunity for Calderón to share cooking techniques, show step-by-step presentation, and inspire your inner chef. Get together a small group of your friends or family to learn together, and enjoy a night of tasty creativity.

Party of Two

For this intimate Multi-Course pricing begins at $350 per person. You will have the opportunity to taste 5 uniquely created courses. An elaborate and memorable experience worthy of celebrating just the two of you.

This is an all inclusive price where we provide the chargers, linen napkins, plate ware, silverware, and stemware.



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